EPHRATA, Wash. — Bill “The Buff Man” Quinn has been selected to be a member of a prestigious team of detailers who will work on the multi-million dollar Concorde Alpha Golf, according to ifiberone.com.

Quinn will work on the Air Force One Detailing Team led by master detailer Renny Doyle. The team previously cleaned and restored the first jet-powered Air Force One, now housed at the Boeing Museum of Flight, said the article.

The aircraft was retired in 2003, and had set a speed record flying from New York to Seattle in three hours, 55 minutes and 12 seconds.

Because of its long retirement, Quinn says the aircraft is extremely sensitive.

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“While restoring (Air Force One), we saw firsthand the effects of torrential rain, elemental contaminants, oxidation, and UV fading on the surface paint of an airplane,” Quinn stated in the article. “The Concorde has been out of commission since 2003 and without a detailed cleaning or wax for over ten years, the exterior surface of this aircraft is remarkably vulnerable.”

Doyle says he needed people on his team who could “accept nothing short of perfect.” Quinn’s 36 years of janitorial auto detailing experience earned him a spot on the team.

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