TACOMA, Wash. — America’s Car Museum will present three new exhibits in 2015, according to a press release.

The museum will unveil Ford F-Series: The Truck That Grew Up with America and American Muscle: Rivals to the End. It will also introduce a revamped Route 66 display, said the release.

Ford F-Series: The Truck That Grew Up with America chronicles the Ford F-Series’ 13 generations and its evolution from a work tool to a family vehicle and luxury car for the working class, explained the release. The exhibit will open Jan. 10.

Route 66: Dream of the Mother Road will re-open March 27 with a focus on vintage station wagons. It will be open through June 30, noted the release.

American Muscle opens July 9. It displays when automakers American Motors, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors competed for power and performance on the roadways and the racetrack, stated the release.

The museum will also host several events through the year, found here.