TROY, Mich. — According to, a 24-year-old Detroit woman was charged with one count of felonious assault and two counts of assault and battery after hitting a carwash employee with a broom handle because she was not pleased with the service.

Police say that on Feb. 5th at the Pro Car Wash, the woman got angry because she wanted quicker service, so she exited her car, grabbed a push broom and hit the employee on the arm, injuring him, the article continued.

The woman also reportedly took a spray gun and sprayed two employees with water, the article noted.

She left in a white Toyota and was followed by someone in a blue Honda Accord, the article added; officers located the Honda at an Avis Rental, where they spoke with the driver, who identified the suspect in the Toyota as her sister, though she was not at the scene.

Later, officers saw the Honda with two people in it and initiated a traffic stop; the passenger was identified as the culprit and arrested, the article concluded.

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