LAS VEGAS — When Daniel Lane took his truck to the Showtime Car Wash here, he was a repeat customer that expected a quick and convenient wash, KLAS reported.

The March 12 story stated that instead he was left with a damage bill for $5,000. During the wash, his truck was stolen off of the carwash property.

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"All the guys that work there standing in the middle of a huddle, looking at me with puppy dog eyes say, ‘Oh, we thought you took your truck.' Ah no, I'm right here," Lane said in the story.

The police were able to find his truck within an hour, but his truck was left with dents and dings. Lane thought the carwash would help pay for the damage, but in the end it did not.

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In Nevada, carwashes are not required to carry liability insurance. Since Lane did not have full coverage on his truck, he will have to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

Showtime Car Wash tried to make some free repairs to the truck, and the business offered free carwashes. Lane noted that these offerings will not cover the cost of the repairs and his only option now is a lawsuit.

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