MIDDLESBROUGH, ENGLAND — An angry customer told a carwash operator here he would be kneecapped, stabbed and his business would be burnt down, the Evening Gazette reported.

The Dec. 12 story stated that Peter Owens, 42, is now in court before a jury. He is accused of three charges of blackmail — making unwarranted demands with menaces. According to the prosecutor, Owens demanded money on three separate occasions.

Sword wielding customer makes threats at carwash

In April of last year, Owens claimed the wheels on his Jaguar were damaged in the carwash. As Owens filled out an incident form in the operator's office, he said the matter would have to be sorted out or someone would be kneecapped.

The jury then heard that three weeks later Owens returned in another car demanding money as he had sold the Jaguar for a loss after the damage. He again claimed the operator owed him money and said if he didn’t pay he would be stabbed.

Detailer attacked due to tenant’s illegal dealings

Finally, Owens returned in June and told a staff member that the carwash would be set on fire unless he got money for new wheels. He also said he could go where the carwash operator lived.

When interviewed by police, Owens admitted to visiting the carwash a number of times, but he denied making any threats. The defense barrister stated that Owens was shook up and felt he was being “fobbed off.”

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