A recent AOL Autos column featuring Lauren Fix, who's also knows as The Car Coach, addresses the topic of carwashing.

The July 10 column featured a question from one reader who asked: Whenever I cue up at the carwash, there are choices for waxing, undercarriage washing, etc. It's hard to believe that any of this quickie stuff is worth it. Am I right?

Fix answered, "A quick carwash is just that, so keep in mind that all carwashes are not created equal. Washing your car once a week is critical to keeping it shiny and protected. It also can protect your investment your resale value. When you add up the costs of regular cleanings, you'll still might be ahead when it's time for a new car."

Fix also talked about the benefit of hand carwashes and what to do if you want to wash your car at  home. To see those answers, click here.