SPOKANE, Wash. — APANA™ announced general availability of its cloud-based solution for industrial and commercial companies to save money and water, according to a press release.

APANA is a technology and services company aimed at helping businesses manage water, stated the release.

The company’s cloud-based solution is a comprehensive technology platform designed to help businesses identify and eliminate unnecessary water use and contamination, reported the release.

“Businesses have ignored their total water footprint largely because they have not had an effective tool to manage it,” said Matt Rose, co-founder and CEO of APANA, in the release. “Amid growing water scarcity, tighter regulatory mandates and rising investor scrutiny, water management and accounting must now be a core competency of business just as carbon was before it. APANA is excited to be at the heart of the water management revolution and to contribute to a more sustainable water future.”

APANA’s solution can help businesses save money, continued the release, by identifying and resolving operational and mechanical failures, using data transparency to strengthen operational procedures and creating opportunities for reduced property impact fees, enhanced brand reputation and rate negotiation leverage.

The solution is designed to serve a variety of businesses in commercial and industrial sectors, including super markets and groceries, carwashes and commercial buildings, noted the release.

You can find the release here.