GAITHERSBURG, Md. — Convenience stores can deliver digital coupons to consumers through Gasbuddy’s digital coupon platform, according to

GasBuddy is a low gas price mobile app, noted the article. The platform has been soft-launched and will be officially announced April 14.

The app has been downloaded 47 million times by users, stated the article. So far, nine retailers and four consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have signed on to participate.

“Given GasBuddy's huge user base and exceptional product, being part of the Coupon Portal was a no-brainer," said Derek Gaskins, chief customer officer for Rutter's Farm Stores, in the article. "Thousands of customers fill up at our stations every day. With GasBuddy's new offering, the number of these customers coming into our stores to make additional purchases will only increase, greatly improving our bottom line.”

C-stores utilizing the app include Corner Stores, Nice N Easy, Common Cents, Wallis Oil’s On the Run, Bellstores, Food Mart, Fast Stop Market and Rutter’s, reported the article. CPGs include Quaker Oats, Prestige Brands, ConAgra Foods and Twang Partners.

GasBuddy’s new app allows companies to control what is discounted and available to customers, shared the article. Companies can also view analytics for marketing and fraud-reduction purposes.

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