SAN DIEGO — The Cherry mobile carwash service announced it was expanding here after months of strong demand in San Francisco and its surrounding cities, according to a press release.

The Aug. 28 release stated that Cherry’s service-on-demand model has proven successful, and wash numbers have doubled every month in San Francisco. In preparation of expansion, the company has built a strong supply chain and strengthened its logistic processes.

“Customers in the Bay Area love Cherry because we provide a quality service and also save them 60 minutes of time by not having to go to the car wash,” Cherry Co-founder and CEO Travis VanderZanden said in the release. “San Diego is an even better market for us because of the beautiful weather.”

San Diego was chosen as the next Cherry service area due to the ideal qualities and conditions for on-demand carwashing. The county also represents a substantial potential market with roughly 1 million cars for Cherry to service.

As PC&D previously reported, Cherry is a smartphone app that allows a user to order a carwash at any location. The app uses geotagging to mark a car’s location, and a fee is then charged through the app.