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Appeal to customer values to create loyalty

Create a loyal customer when you work to turn the situation around.


When customers become unhappy and start to complain, don't ignore them. Instead, work with them to improve and create a loyal customer. Author and UP! Your Service founder and chairman Ron Kaufman believes it’s worth the time to turn these “wrongs” into “rights” to improve customer satisfaction and capture new business.

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Explain the company’s desire to improve. Appeal to your customer’s values. Show the customer things your company does that help you perform well in that area, states the release.

“Show you are sincere about your commitment to do well in the areas the customer values,” says Kaufman, in the release. “At the very least, you can say, ‘I'm going to make sure everyone in the company hears your story. We don't want this to happen again.’ When you express the company's desire to improve, you start on the path to rebuilding its credibility with the customer.”


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