TACOMA, WA — The Puget Sound Car Wash Association (PSCWA) hung banners and delivered postcards here to let residents know about the pollution caused by charity carwashes, according to an email.

Water restrictions prevent charity carwashes

The Nov. 5 email stated that the association put banners over high-traffic roadways to inform the public of the correlation between storm water pollution and parking lot carwashing. The banners urge organizations to sell CharityCarWash.org fundraiser tickets instead.

To reinforce the message, the PSCWA produced postcards that describe in greater detail the pollution caused by unregulated carwashes. The cards also list the benefits of using the ticket program.

Water shortage cancels firefighter charity washes

The postcards were delivered to businesses and nonprofit organizations through the areas surrounding the banner sites.

The banner and postcard project was funded by a Make A Splash grant from the city of Tacoma.