LUBBOCK, Texas — On Sunday, stage 2 water rationing will begin, but at-home style washing will still be permitted, according to

Initial reports, according to the article, stated that at-home style washing would be prohibited, but that has now been corrected by Aubrey Spear, Lubbock director of water resources. “We actually need to clarify … we cannot tell people not to wash their cars at their house, but to significantly limit or refrain from doing so.”

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A reader wrote to the paper, and clarified stage 2 rationing: “The Ordinance in question (Section 22.08.079) has no language/wording allowing car washing only by commercial operations,” stated RK Miller.

The language in the ordinance is confusing, notes the article, which has caused for a need for clarification as recently as May 2012, during stage 2 rationing. “Going through the process to change the ordinance takes time,” Spear said.  “It needs to say either you can or you can’t.”

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The ordinances are reviewed every five years, and the article notes they are currently in year four; Spear did not specify if it would be changed during the next review.

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