ARLINGTON, Va. — Carwash fundraisers are a staple of how schools raise money, but they have now been banned by Arlington Public Schools, according to

Arlington County’s Department of Environmental Services was issued a stormwater permit in April, which has strict regulations about at-home style washing on school property, according to the article.

The regulations were passed in July 2013 by the Virginia General Assembly, and do not allow for charity washes on school property, according to the article.

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“There is an important underlying reason why most types of carwashing are not allowed under state and federal stormwater regulations,” said Shannon Whalen McDaniel, a DES spokesperson. ”The chlorinated water, detergents, petroleum products, and other pollutants that get washed into the storm drain system are carried into our local streams … there are educational and environmental benefits that come with finding new and environmentally friendly ways to raise money for extracurricular activities.”

Some community members are upset about the new regulations, the report notes, because they will make it more difficult for schools to raise funds for necessary causes.

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