CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — According to, an attempted armed robbery at a carwash is currently under investigation.

At around 6:30 a.m. on Sept. 28th, a man was in his pickup truck at an in-bay automatic carwash when he felt the driver’s side door open, the article continued.

As he tried to pull the door shut, the article stated, a black man shoved a gun through the crack in the door and told him to “Give it up [expletive.]”

Then, the suspect fired a shot into the truck, the article noted.

The victim started driving and told police he saw the suspect run to the convenience store next to the carwash and get into a white Chrysler sedan, the article added.

The victim added that he thought the car had Arkansas license plates and contained multiple people inside, the article stated.

The victim was not hit by the shot, but he is getting his hearing checked due to the loud firing of the gun inside the truck’s cab, the article continued.

Police are reviewing surveillance video and posted two photos of two males wanted for questioning concerning the attempted armed robbery at the carwash, the article concluded.

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