Amanda Hosey, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Doors: Finding the perfect fit

The type, features and functions of a door are critical for productive operations.

Illuminate your tunnel with arch improvements

Foam arches can be combined with LED light shows for the ultimate tunnel visit.

Eliminate bugs and grow profits

When the pollen comes down and the bugs begin to splat the windows, these extra services really sell themselves.

Every format can join in the bug battle

All wash formats can offer bug and pollen removal services to increase profits.

Combat insects with the right chemicals

When a bug hits a car’s surface, it explodes, and the chemicals inside it which leak out can be highly damaging.

Spring fever: Bug and pollen removal

They may be pests in the great outdoors, but bugs keep carwash profits strong.

Spring, bugs, lovebugs, springtime, bug removal
Greasing the wheels

Quick lubes can provide an additional income stream for your wash, but some things should be taken into consideration.

Quick lube, oil change, changing oil, mechanic, car service, services, multi-profit centers
Navigating the insurance labyrinth

Take steps to keep insurance rates low and profits high.

Insurance, insured, insurance policy, claims
Surviving the first five

Avoid common pitfalls and build a foundation for success early.

Selecting the right door and dryer for your wash

Consider power usage, appearance and other factors when choosing doors and dryers.

Tunnel equipment upgrades

Stay on top of evolving technology and trends to keep your wash thriving and profitable.