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Profile of carwash success: The Passage Car Wash

How one small carwash backed by a special workforce dreams big.

The Passage Car Wash
Order up: A carwash menu can stir up profits

With the right ingredients, carwashes can craft a tantalizing menu sure to enhance business.

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Millennial marketing strategies

This generation steers the way for the latest selling trends.

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Boomerang Carwash offers free washes for a good cause

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — For every free carwash, the chain will make a donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas.

Charity, Boomerang
Why the details matter

The success story of a “best in class” detailing business owner who strives for perfection with each customer.

details, detailing, Lufo's Auto Detailing
OSHA gives employees the right to know

OSHA’s “right to know” standard requires employers to inform and train their workers about potential hazardous chemicals.

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QuikTrip pledges to create new jobs

OKLAHOMA CITY — QuikTrip Corporation will receive incentives from the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program for creating up to 137 jobs for a maximum benefit of $4.27 over the next five years.

Preventative maintenance for wash equipment

Poor-performing wash equipment can slow down, and even shut down, production.

Maintenance, equipment
Family ties: A carwash chain nurtured by its customers

How one family-owned carwash launched a thriving chain centered on its customers.

Quality Car Wash
Glass cleaning: Ensure a spotless finish

For optimal results and, most importantly, happy customers, using the right products is key.

glass cleaning
Choosing the right chemical

No all-in-one chemical is available for every specific need a carwash may require.

Innovation, technology
Opening the door to profit

The type, features and functions of a door are critical for productive operations.

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