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The holiday season is here and so is that post-Thanksgiving day when the streets and stores are filled with people….

Talking with Industry Leader: Jimmy Belanger

Customer-centric suppliers “add value” in many ways to help operators build financially stronger businesses. Belanger’s far-sighted vision sees a growing partnership between valued-added suppliers, and the uncommonly successful operators who

Talking with Industry Leaders: Sonny’s Charges On! Part 2

Mike Perry: Does it seem ironic or problematic that carwash manufacturers are making very functional equipment, yet operators seem to be washing fewer cars now at their sites than they

TALKING WITH INDUSTRY LEADERS Exclusive interview with Paul Fazio of SONNY’s The Car Wash Factory

Like father, like son. In this fast-paced interview, filled with fact, industry insight and analysis, Paul Fazio speaks with the same passion and love of the carwash industry, and true

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Talking with Industry Leaders – Exclusive Interview with Darrin Baum of Zep Vehicle Care

Few suppliers are as strong and well positioned as the new Zep Vehicle Care is to make a major impact upon the recovering carwash market.

An Industry Perspective: Become a winner, build a dominant team

Wash counts are increasing, the housing market is recovering and consumer confidence is on the rise again. Even high-profile suppliers are stepping up their game, too. Based on your decision-making

Exclusive interview with Steven L’Heureux of Ryko Solutions

Steven L’Heureux is a quick learner. With only two years under his belt as President and Chief Executive Officer…

An Industry Perspective…These two ideas will help you wash more cars

“Good is the enemy of great,” writes business writer Jim Collins. For many years, I have wondered how that unambiguous statement is manifested in the carwash business. I understand the

Make 2013 your best year ever

The growing excitement and great anticipation of what any new year can bring should never be lost on anyone, much less an owner or operator who has been in the

Your 2013 marketing initiative

Don’t let January end without taking this marketing test and also be sure to create a six-month written plan.

Increase your carwash revenues — PART TWO

Nothing is more important today than in-bay operators washing more cars and making more money. Yet, as simple as it is to state this objective clearly and concisely, for far