Phillip Lawless, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
White paper: Specialized Insurance and Risk Management

Car wash insurance program offers deep industry knowledge and improved operations.

Insurance, insured, insurance policy, claims
Hot water for tough stains

The procedure can be extremely effective when used correctly.

Striking while the ice is hot

Managing Editor Phillip Lawless talks ice vending machine profit margins with Michael Little of Ice House America.

The various uses of VFDs

VFDs are often installed to save utility costs, and they also serve to deliver better performance from your equipment and create a more pleasurable customer experience.

Over the horizon — What is down the road for carwashes?

Looking at industry challenges and issues that will affect car care operations in 2015.

Cleaner cars via a coloring book

Short of tarps or taxi services, parents are left wondering how to keep pesky stains from occurring in their vehicles again and again.

Belmont Car Wash & Detailing: Five decades of success

Belmont Car Wash & Detailing celebrates 50 years in business with a radio appearance and pricing rollbacks.

Defining value and values

For established business owners and venturing entrepreneurs, part of the job description is determining a business’ value as well as its values. On the service side, working to provide the

Be prepared for a busy winter

The steps to prepare for another busy winter season.

LED rebates, discounts and financing

Though the operational advantages have long been touted, cost is an aspect of LED lighting that prevents many car care businesses from updating fixtures.

How to prevent hydraulic hose failure

The majority of carwashes today call on dozens of hoses to complete wash processes and generate profits.

Spotting an opportunity for success

On the Spot Mobile Detailing in Maryland discovered a unique opportunity based on one casino’s search for boosted “high roller” benefits.