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How to remodel a carwash

A list of dos and don’ts when it comes to remodeling your carwash.

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How to start a carwash business

How to take your new carwash from a plot of land to its grand opening and beyond.

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Is flex serve the way to go?

An industry expert weighs in on the definition and development of the flex serve model.

If It’s Free and No Good, It’s Still No Good!

Lately I have talked about the price and quality of the services offered at your car wash.

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Quality at Any Price

I am writing this after just getting back from a recent trade show.

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The Foundation for Success

Every couple of weeks I have the privilege of meeting car wash operators from all over the world.

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Getting in Gear for the New Year

A new year typically begins with at least one resolution to do something different, better or faster. I have spoken about this in the past, but it is so important that I feel I need to touch on it again.

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Conveyor Length and Cars-per-Hour (CPH)

In a follow-up to last month’s tip we are again focusing on chain speed, because it is often a big issue.

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Blowers and Cars per Hour (CPH)

When out in the field, I often hear the question “Why are the cars still wet?”

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Looking to the Future

Your car wash is busy today, but what about in the years to come?

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Maintaining Your Chemical Systems

There are a number of variables to consider when trying to produce a clean, dry, shiny car at an acceptable cost.

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Maintaining Your Vacuum

While on a conference call last week someone complained about the life, or lack of, they were getting from their vacuum system.

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