Auto dealership expands services to include carwashes
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Auto dealership expands services to include carwashes

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — The current carwashes are co-located with Balise Auto Group dealerships and are also utilized as stand-alone profit centers.


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Balise Auto Group currently has two carwashes to help complement its 18 new dealerships throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, according to Automotive News.

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Each wash is co-located with a dealership to help “support each other’s needs,” stated the article.

In addition to keeping the dealerships’ cars cleaned to “wow buyers” and washing customers’ cars, reported the article, the carwashes are also utilized as additional stand-alone profit centers.

Balise Auto Group’s carwashes offer detailing services, as well as interior cleanings when needed, for the dealerships, continued the article, and the profit centers also offer “small scale trim repair on vehicles” and reconditioning services for cars with vinyl tops.

“One of the specific functions is pressure-washing engines and engine compartments to clean up vehicles for resale,” informed the article.

According to the article, the dealership’s latest 130-foot tunnel carwash opened this past November in Springfield adjacent to the Balise Hyundai, which launched last May.


The Professional Carwashing & Detailing editors featured news of the carwash opening in a past edition of Carwash eNews. You can find this coverage here.

Customers of the adjacent dealership are given five years of free washes when they purchase a new Hyundai, added the article, and customers of other Balise locations are given free tokens for carwash services.

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