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Auto wash spa in winter

DETROIT —Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you should not, or cannot, take good care of your vehicle, according to a Detail XPerts blog post.

DETROIT — If you’re not willing to give your car a proper wash and detailing in winter, you’re missing out, according to a Detail XPerts blog post.

The blog says that you “can still give your vehicle a good, thorough clean without ever leaving your home.” Offering services like this is particularly necessary in areas with bitter cold and brutal storms.

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Detail specialists can perform mobile detailing and other services at your home, using professionals who have made a career out of doing this.

One technique that is explained in this blog is using steam to eliminate road salt and buildup from the winter. Another service is steam-powered auto spa for interiors. The post explains how with proper techniques, owners can be back driving their vehicle shortly after these methods are applied.

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