CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With most of the Catawba-Wateree River Basin of North and South Carolina in stage 1 drought conditions and several counties moved to stage 2, Charlotte Water, as well as other municipalities in the region, have recommended restrictions for commercial and residential water users, according to a press release.

Autobell Car Wash announced it has multiple programs in place that can help customers comply with several of the recommended water restrictions, stated the release.

Based in Charlotte, Autobell has nearly three dozen locations throughout the region, continued the release.

Some local municipalities have asked residents to stop washing their cars at home and instead go to commercial carwashes that recycle water, reported the release.

The city of Charlotte has also requested nonprofit groups “find alternatives to traditional carwash fundraisers and that commercial fleet managers reduce carwashing frequency,” the release added.

“We utilize the best in carwash systems and technology to treat and recycle wash water at all Autobell washes,” said Carl Howard, Autobell’s chief operating officer, in the release. “We recycle up to 100 percent of water used, in contrast to the typical home or parking lot carwash, which can take up to 150 gallons of water, with none recycled.”

Additionally, Autobell offers a fleet wash program for commercial users, informed the release.

“As a professional carwash, we’re really in the water management business,” stated Howard in the release. “In addition to wash water recycling, we have other policies in place to control water usage, both on a daily basis and during drought situations. Year-round practices include utilizing devices designed or improved for maximum water conservation; maintaining spray nozzles at maximum efficiency; repairing any water leaks as soon as they occur; installing low-flow toilets; using high-efficiency towel washing machines; and recycling towel rinse water.”

The business also offers nonprofits an environmentally friendly option for raising funds with the Autobell Charity Car Wash Program, noted the release, which provides full-service carwash tickets to be sold by the nonprofits at full price and honored at all Autobell locations.

Read the entire release here.