Autowash and Insiten build AMP carwash platform to boost membership
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Autowash and Insiten build AMP carwash platform to boost membership

DENVER — Insiten, a mobile application developer, has teamed up with Autowash, a high-growth carwash company with multiple locations, to create AMP, a 100%-managed, ready-to-go membership platform that can increase carwash revenue by 20%.

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The AMP platform will be officially launched at the 2021 Southwest Car Wash Association Convention & EXPO in Fort Worth, Texas, on June 9–11.

AMP provides carwashes with their own fully-branded mobile app, white-glove customer service, advertising and promotions, and all the support needed to launch a successful membership program.

It is designed to increase sales; create a recurring, dependable revenue stream; eliminate seasonality; build brand loyalty; and engage with customers through ads, promotions, family plans and referrals.

“Our platform is slick and modern, easy to use, highly customizable and guarantees that a business doesn’t become just another carwash on a generic membership platform,” said Insiten CEO Adam Trien. “We’ve already seen tremendous success implementing this platform across all of Autowash’s locations and are excited to bring our success to the broader market.”


AMP components use cutting-edge technology:

  • Themobile carwash app can be used by customers to manage memberships, make payments and redeem carwashes.
  • Theself service admin portal manages app configurations and wash codes, and it allows a view of user usage history.
  • Kiosk integrations allow users to interact with POS systems using barcodes or QR codes, manual codes and near-field communication.
  • On-demand dashboards and reports drill into customers’ behaviors and provide actionable insights.

“When Autowash acquires a new carwash and I institute the AMP membership program, revenue grows by 20% like clockwork,” said Dennis Dreeszen, Autowash founder and CEO. “My team and I are excited to bring our success to the broader market and are with customers every step of the way as they launch and build their AMP membership programs.”


Here’s how it works: A carwash sends AMP its relevant information (branding, locations, POS systems, pricing, existing customers, etc.), then AMP configures a fully-branded app (including mobile app, admin portal, placards and signage, advertisements and advertising strategy), and finally AMP launches the membership platform (app store listing, highly-trained customer service reps, promotions and push notifications).

“All our customer has to do is sit back, relax and watch the business grow,” said Trien.

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