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Become a Yelper

We are in the digital age, using the printed yellow pages are becoming more and more irrelevant.


We are in the digital age, using the printed yellow pages are becoming more and more irrelevant. People are now looking to find information about your business online. This is where Yelp comes in. With easy access through many mobile devices, Yelp has been growing in popularity. But what exactly is Yelp and how can it help your business?

Yelp was created as an online guide and review site to assist in finding popular local stores, service companies, cultural venues and public places. It is an online word of mouth site with user-generated content. Yelp has become an easy way to find, review and start discussions on what is great and not so great in your community.

Yelp is free to join for businesses or to create personal accounts. When you join as a business, you have the ability to post pictures, promotions, events or send a message to potential customers. It is also an opportunity to give consumers information about your business such as your address and hours. Because Yelp is easily accessible from mobile devices, it is easier for businesses to manage their listings. Just like many social media sites, people have the ability to become your "friend" and also check in when they are at your location. When they become your "friend" you then have the ability to send messages to these users and follow them as well.

Reviews on Yelp help your business gain popularity and therefore increase your search results. Businesses are rated using a five point rating system. After receiving a review, you are able to reach out to that customer. If you have a fear of receiving a bad review, Yelp has a moderator available that reviews the comment and determines whether or not the comment can be removed. A bad review can be turned into a positive. It might give you the ability to improve your business and, with the ability to reach out to your reviewers, you could contact that customer and resolve the potential issue. Yelp has also taken action to prevent useless, fake or bias reviews ensuring that the reviews that are posted are helpful to the consumer.

Other ways to increase your visibility is to participate in paid advertising on Yelp. Yelp provides advertising in the Yelp Search Engine, on related businesses pages or gives you the ability to remove competitor ads from your Yelp business page. Yelp also has profile enhancements available that will allow a slide show, a call to action button or include a video.

Yelp is another way to get your business noticed in the digital world. It provides a great way to connect with current or potential customers, give them important information and receive feedback about your business.

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