LAS VEGAS — Bill Martin of Metro Express Car Wash in Boise, ID, was inducted into the Car Wash Hall of Fame by the International Carwash Association® (ICA) here on May 8, according to a press release. This honor — the professional carwash industry’s highest — was given in recognition of his achievements as one of the industry’s most successful and influential operators, and it was presented to Martin during The Car Wash Show™.

Martin began his storied carwash career at the age of 14, washing cars in his front yard and advertising his services throughout the neighborhood. He served in the Army during the Vietnam War and, after that, served as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. Even so, he returned to his carwashing roots in 1969 as a supplier’s representative.

Four years later, Martin opened his first carwash, and by 1981, he had moved to Boise and opened a full-service carwash. Martin joined the International Carwash Association Board of Directors in 1986 and became president of the association in 1991.

In 1996, Martin co-founded Car Wash Partners. He grew the company to 35 locations by the time he retired in 2001. Martin had not truly retired, though. Three years later, in 2004, Martin was back with Metro Express Car Washes, which he still owns and operates today.

People who have met and worked with Martin, such as Ron Peterson of Mister Car Wash, sum his career up best: “Bill is one of the most sharing people in the industry. He has constantly innovated with his business, but he’s always been a true friend.”

The ICA said in the release that it is proud to include Martin in the Car Wash Hall of Fame. This high honor is only one of many recognitions Martin has received, including being recognized as an innovator by the Western Carwash Associationand receiving the City of Meridian (ID) Environmental Excellence Award.