ITHACA, N.Y. — At a recent meeting, the Spencer/Spencer Village Joint Planning Board approved Ronald A. Koski’s plans to convert a barn on his property into an auto repair shop, according to the Ithaca Times.

Koski explained during the meeting that his plans include turning the building, which is 30 feet by 36 feet, into a small repair business open throughout the week during regular business hours and maybe on weekends, stated the article.

He also said no alterations will be made to the exterior of the building, continued the article, however a heating system will be installed.

Additionally, Koski stated that he will dispose of any used anti-freeze and oil properly as well as keep records detailing how much was disposed and at which facility, reported the article.

According to the Tioga County Department of Economic Development & Planning Staff Analysis and Recommendations, which were brought up before the board, the property is located in a mostly agricultural area, informed the article.

An Ag Data Statement form has been completed and sent to the two adjacent farmland owners since the land is located within 500 feet of farmland enrolled in the NYS Agricultural Districts Program, added the article.

The County Economic Development & Planning analysis reported that “a vehicle repair shop is a suitable adaptive reuse of a former farm equipment garage,” noted the article, and Koski said there will not e a sign near the roadway.

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