Brazen thief steals car while owner washes it
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Brazen thief steals car while owner washes it

EAST POINT, Ga. — According to, on June 4th, Tara Jones was at Jay’s Car Wash for less than five minutes when a thief slipped into her car while she was washing it and drove off.

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Surveillance footage shows how the suspect approached from behind the car while Jones was spraying down the front; then, the man slips into the driver’s seat.

Jones sprayed him with water to try to ward him off, but it didn’t work.

“I grabbed hold to the side mirror as he was speeding up,” Jones said. “I had to let go or he was going to drag me.”

More footage shows the suspect had exited the backseat of a dark gray Honda near the vacuums in a dark hoodie before approaching Jones’ white Dodge Challenger.

“I’ve been to thousands of carwashes, and I would’ve never imagined that this would happen,” she said.

Jones, a 20-year army veteran, just moved to the area less than two months ago.

She said it was a hard lesson learned not to leave her keys in the ignition.

“Hey, you have to watch where you at anywhere, don’t matter who it is, so you have to watch wherever you are in Atlanta,” Jones said. “You have to make sure that you are prepared wherever you go.”


Jones said the suspect hit another car as he was driving off, so her car now has some front-end damage as well.

Read the original article here to view the surprising footage.

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