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Bringing service and convenience together

Ultra Car Wash caters to repeat customers with its express services.


Express models operate based on the convenience they aim to offer customers. When combining friendly service with a quality wash, these businesses can provide a great experience for car-loving customers short on time.

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For Chip Hackett and Gary Dennis, co-founders of Ultra Car Wash, the “goal is to provide the best customer experience possible [with] wash quality, customer service and convenience.”

Hackett and Dennis began building carwashes in 2003 after raising the capital they needed, says Hackett. “We opened one of the first express carwashes with free [vacuums] in Atlanta.”

The business partners now have six washes with the Ultra Car Wash name and two locations operating under other names.

Services introduce variety

In the express market, technology can be important to ensure the wash process goes as smoothly as possible, and Ultra incorporates this equipment into its business as well. Automated pay stations, radio frequency identification (RFID) and variable frequency technology (VFD) all contribute to a satisfied patron.


“We try to stay on top of the improvements in chemical applications as well as [the latest] equipment [enhancements],” Hackett explains.

Ultra offers free vacuums so customers can completely clean their vehicles. Headlight restoration can also be performed.

Repeat patrons can take part in the business’ $10 unlimited wash club as well. An RFID tag supports this program, and customers may visit a location or use an online form on Ultra’s website to get their memberships started.

Hackett states the wash also provides an express emission-testing service at its locations in Atlanta, Georgia. Customers can earn two free washes with each test purchased.



In addition to providing an efficient visit, Ultra also concentrates on creating an eco-friendly experience. All of the water used in the wash is captured and reclaimed, notes Hackett. “About 85 percent of the water used during the wash process is recycled water.”

Ultra’s website reports it uses 15 gallons of freshwater per wash. Furthermore, its Georgia locations are certified by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division for “meeting best management practices for water conservation.” The International Carwash Association’s  (ICA) WaterSavers program has also acknowledged the business for meeting high standards for water conservation.


As municipalities increasingly crack down on driveway washing and unauthorized waste dumping, many carwashes have found ways to welcome charities that would otherwise wash in a grocery store parking lot.

Ultra aims to simplify the process for charitable organizations looking to raise funds. “We have a fundraising program that makes it easy for nonprofit groups to raise money using our facility,” shares Hackett.

The business has also been involved with Relay for Life and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Maintaining relationships

Besides its loyalty program, Ultra encourages a strong, repeat customer base with an online presence. It offers coupons for various locations on its website.


Customer engagement is also encouraged through the company’s Facebook page, which is used to run various promotions, including free wash giveaways, as well as news about its fundraising program, partnerships with other businesses and more.

These relationships and its assortment of services contribute to Ultra’s goal of providing exceptional service and a convenient experience from one location.


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