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Buc-ee’s new location boasts ‘longest carwash’

KATY, Texas — Buc-ee’s opened a new, sizable location ahead of time just to first responders.


KATY, Texas — According to the Houston Chronicle, Buc-ee’s new location in Katy, Texas, opened to the public on Aug. 28th.

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Little fanfare was planned for the opening, however, the article continued.

This travel stop chain’s location is emphasizing size, featuring a 56,000 sq. ft. building, 120 gas pumps and what is currently being billed as the world’s longest carwash at 225 feet, the article noted.

Buc-ee’s is working with the Guinness Book of World Records to verify the claim for longest carwash, the article added.

The carwash will feature a conveyor belt system for moving vehicles, the article stated, and it will also include a light show.

The entire store will also have a backup battery service for when the power is down, the article continued.

The location cost an estimated $17 million, according to the article.

In a separate article from the Houston Chronicle, the weekend before this location was due to open, Buc-ee’s opened its doors all weekend to first responders in light of the Hurricane Harvey crisis.


First responders and their immediate families were able to eat, drink and rest at the location free of charge, the article reported.

One first responder, Michael Smith, who works with the Texas A&M Forest Service, wrote about the event in a Facebook post that went viral:

“As you probably know, my coworkers and I are part of the first responders dispatched to help with Hurricane Harvey. When our base camp began to take on water we were told to report to the Buc-ee’s in Katy. They had had their doors open for hundreds of first responders for the past 36 hours. They met us with open arms, fed us hot meals, provide[d] us with drinks, and anything off of their shelves FREE OF CHARGE. They told us they would have us as long as need be. These workers didn’t even have to be here but chose to reach out and help. So from me to Buc-ee’s, THANK YOU. I will never drive by another without stopping.”


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