RENO, NV ― The 2012 Burning Man, a week-long event held from Aug. 27 to Labor Day, has wrapped up and it gave a boost to carwashes in the area as participants were looking to wash the alkaline off of their cars, KOLOTV reported.

The Sept. 2 story quoted carwash worker Maranda Lister of the Metro $6 Car Wash, who said, "It's rough sometimes, but it brings in money for us so we like it."

Lister said all of the alkaline dust can make for a large mess. "We get so much mud and debris that it just clogs our pipes really fast. And once it gets in there it starts overflowing and it's just a mucky mess."

Some cars even have to be washed twice.

What is the Burning Man event? It's a celebration which takes place in the desert and celebrates art and free expression. More information can be found here.