WICHITA FALLS, Texas —All American Car Wash and Car Care Center was one of several washes in Texoma that had to make large investments and changes to schedules in order to stay operating under Wichita Falls’ drought restrictions, according to Newschannel6now.com.

Although the restrictions have been lifted, the wash continues its efforts to conserve water, using less than three gallons of water to clean a car, the article stated.

“Our water [loss] is primarily from two functions, one [being] evaporation,” said Jim Cadotte of All American Car Wash and Car Care Center in the article. “[The] second is what we call ‘drive out,’ [or] what comes out on a vehicle that makes it to the back onto the pavement. The rest of what we can recapture goes back through our system and [80] percent is reused.”

According to Cadotte, the efforts made by washes in Wichita Falls has caught the attention of locations in other drought-stricken cities that may soon face similar restrictions, the article reported.

“We get calls from all over the country about what [we are] doing, what [we have specifically done] to reduce water use,” stated Cadotte in the article. “So what we have done can be duplicated even on [a] larger [scale].”

Now that the restrictions have been lifted, Cadotte said he can now offer employees more work hours, which had been limited to no more than five days a week due to the restrictions, noted the article.

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