AUTEC Car Wash Systems

Company Profile

AUTEC’s team of car wash experts will:  evaluate your property; study the demographics; teach you how to conduct a traffic count; show you the proven cleaning performance and ideal throughput of the AUTEC business model; provide you the optimum building and site specifications for the most effective street presence and ease-of-use; and introduce you to an AUTEC service partner for a smooth, trouble-free installation and maximum up-time moving forward.

Excellent wash quality.  Long-term durability.  Trouble-free operation.  Highly profitable.

Systems:  Soft Touch and High Pressure Combination.  Soft Touch.  Touch Free.

Contact Information

Joey Stilley
(800) 438-3028
(704) 871-9101
[email protected]


2500 W Front St.
Statesville, NC 28677