Panaram International Trading (Car Wash World,

Company Profile

We provide innovative car care products such as Continental Girbrau washer extractor systems and dryers. Our unique window cleaning system for window and body towels using the “Crystal Clear Window Cleaning System” for perfect windows all the time. We carry exclusive microfiber “Magic Touch” towels along with cotton and microfiber towels and waffle weave towels. We manufacture exclusive specialty chemicals such as our detergents and window cleaners Hot Glass Window Cleaner, Super Plus Detergent, Panaram Super Degreaser, Panaram Silicone Elimator. We also sell our exclusive Tech Shield for express waxing. sells Express Detailing Systems and  detail products. also sells parts for Continental Girbrau washer extractors and services for machines all over the country  We do on training and installation for our Continental Girbrau washer extractors and our Crystal Clear Window Cleaning System.  Same day shipping for all orders.

Contact Information

Juliette Silver | Leo Teixeira
973-751-2231 [fax]


EAST COAST -- 126 Greylock Ave Belleville, NJ
WEST COAST -- Salt Lake City, UT