Tommy Car Wash Systems

Company Profile

Tommy Car Wash Systems designs and manufactures complete high-end stainless steel express tunnel equipment, digital control systems and the remarkably attractive and functional Tommy building, designed to be attractive from all four sides and eliminate the industry standard “dark box.” Unique architectural features integrate with equipment and controls for an exceptionally efficient, low-labor operation. The equipment features stainless steel construction designed to provide many years of robust performance and low maintenance. The old-style chain and roller is replaced with our dual belt conveyor, providing improved safety and a superior customer experience while the advanced license plate recognition system with nationwide app management replaces the outdated RFID technology for wash club members. Finally, the digital control systems are designed to allow for total control and adjustment of all wash functions from a hand-held tablet.

Contact Information

Ryan Essenburg
616-582-5934 [fax]
[email protected]


581 Ottawa Ave Suite 300
Holland, MI 49423