EAST PASSAGE, Nova Scotia — The Landry family, owners of The Passage Car Wash in Eastern Passage, want to create a long-lasting, sustainable business with a “unique labor force,” according to the Chronical Herald.

Ian Landry is also hoping to create an opportunity for his sons, and other developmentally disabled people, by expanding, stated the article.

“Nic has a severe learning disability, so he would have been stuck in labor jobs for his entire life,” said Landry in the article. “This [carwash] is providing him with an opportunity.”

Landry’s son Nic operates The Passage Car Wash, reported the article, and Landry hopes to have Nic in more of a managerial position once the wash’s staff size increases.

The owner’s other son, Christopher, is autistic, continued the article, and Landry plans to expand the carwash’s detailing services in order to hire Christopher and more intellectually disabled employees.

Landry hopes to employ three or four additional staff once the carwash reopens, added the article.

The current carwash is located on a rented property, informed the article, and Landry has a goal of relocating and expanding his business to a permanent site.

“He has a conditional offer on a house on McKay Lane, where Nic would be able to live independently, and is hoping to purchase the empty lot next door to build the carwash,” stated the article. “The dream is to have Nic live close enough to keep an eye on the property once they start construction this fall, if all goes according to plan.”

To finance the project, Landry has remortgaged his home and expects the total costs for the properties and carwash construction to be about $350,000, noted the article.

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