Qual Chem - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Qual Chem was created by a car wash operator who didn’t like the limitations of chemistry in the industry. Our foundation was built with the understanding no two car washes are identical and we’ve formulated a chemistry line that can be customized to any wash anywhere. Many of our products have been created to fill our customers’ needs. We are invested in their success and would love to be a part of your washes’ success story. We pride ourselves on being a family run company focused on quality and service. Since 2004, we have installed Qual Chem chemistry in many of the top car washes in the world and earned a reputation as one the premier chemical suppliers in the industry. Qual Chem products give operators complete control of their chemistry, allowing them to produce the results they need at the costs they want.

Contact Information
Contact: Claudia Moldovan
86 Merz Blvd.
Akron OH 44333
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