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Astromatic, Inc.

Location: P.O. Box 192 Cherokee, TX 76832 U.S.
Company Profile
Astromatic, Inc. specializes in new replacement parts, replacement brushes and upgrade components for Ryko® equipment. Neoglide Foam Brushes — We have designed conversion kits for Ryko®, Belanger®, Autec®, Broadway® and most tunnel washes. Conveyor Rollers — We offer premium conveyor rollers at unbeatable prices for Ryko®, Macneil®, Belanger Duratrans®, Motor City® Wash Street™ and Super Duty conveyors. Most of our rollers use the premium polyurethane wheels for four to six times abrasion resistance. Astromatic, Inc. has also developed the Lava Lather Kit specifically for the Ryko® Softgloss XS, Maxx and Voyager II machines; custom kits are available. Our kits are all-inclusive and come with absolutely all parts and materials needed. Boost your sales by up to 25% with the Lava Lather Kit. Astromatic, Inc. has been in the car wash industry since 1965.
  • Actuators
  • Air Pressure Regulators
  • Air Solenoids
  • Bearings
  • Brushes
  • Conveyor Chains
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • In-bay Automatic
  • In-Bay Automatic, Friction
  • Swivel Fittings
  • Valves