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Location: 2833 Eastern Rd. Norton, OH 44203 U.S.
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Yes, we’re the company that’s been creating a buzz in the wash community with our ultra-reliable, extreme performance machines. Whether you’re washing cars in Alaska or Florida, our machines are built for every environment with intent to perform in extreme conditions. Even though you might not know how to pronounce our name, you’ll definitely understand what sets us and our machines apart from the competition. Our In-Bay machine (Accutrac® 360-i) is capable of washing up to 29 Cars Per Hour. Our Tunnel machine (Accutrac® 360-t), often used to replace labor-intensive prepping procedures, can wash up to 180 Cars Per Hour. We are independently owned and operated by our founder, Tom Petit, and are growing rapidly. We are proud to announce that our growth is transitioning us into a new manufacturing facility, which we’ll be moving our operations to in the first quarter of 2022.

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The future is now: tunnel numbers from IBAs.

Product News

25-HP Pump Station

If you need a high-impact pump for your car wash with minimum maintenance, Petit’s has got you covered. Their 25-HP Pump Station is packed with high-pressure cleaning power and built with premium car washing materials.  The pump station appears to be a relatively simple piece of equipment — a tank, pump and motor — but […]

Accutrac® XR-Series

Petit’s XR Series tunnel car wash system is a customized combination of spray arms mounted on stationary arches for chemical applications, high-pressure washing, or spot-free rinsing in a smaller tunnel footprint. The XR’s arches require only 2 to 3 feet of tunnel space and can be configured to suit your specific application.  The XR comes […]

Accutrac 360-t

The Accutrac 360-t is a high-pressure spray system that travels with a vehicle as it moves along a conveyor and automatically adjusts to speed, vehicle position, length and height.  This tracking function enables the spray arms to get closer to a vehicle’s surface and spend more time cleaning the fronts and backs of vehicles. With as […]

Accutrac® 360-i from Petit

From Petit Auto Wash Equipment and their cutting-edge engineering and commitment to the highest quality materials, the Accutrac 360-i will clean faster, last longer and will require less maintenance over time. With double spray arms and precisely designed oscillating spray heads, Petits carwashes are built for speed and packed with quadruple the cleaning power.  The […]


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