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Wheel-eez by Cork Industries, Inc.

Location: 5555 W. Beaver St. Jacksonville, FL 32254 U.S.
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Cork Industries’ Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3 Concentrated Wheel Cleaner is a non-corrosive and biodegradable formula for automotive wheels and tires. This wheel cleaner is designed for use with automated CTAs or for hand sprayer application at the front of an automatic car wash. Works great to remove dirt, grime and brake dust from rims and wheels! This formula replaces harsh, unsafe acids and alkalines that tend to break down conveyors and other equipment. In addition, this non-corrosive formula is safe for ALL WHEELS and rims, including chrome and aluminum. A safe wheel cleaner that works just as good as traditional formulas! Safe, Eco-Friendly Wheel-eez® AB3 "Removes Ugly!" Details and Features: Non-corrosive — no warning labels/signs or hazmat fees; no HF, no ABF; biodegradable; non-flammable; concentrated formula; fast-acting formula; safe on all wheels; made in the U.S.
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