SAN JOSE, CA — Cheerleaders from Lincoln High School were all set to host a fundraising carwash here on Oct. 20, but it was canceled two days earlier after the city said parking lot carwashes are not environmentally friendly, San Jose Mercury News reported.

The Oct. 24 story said an email went out to the neighborhood on Oct. 18 that read: We had a visit from the city of San Jose Environmental Services Department who said that the carwashes at Hoover are in violation of water discharge laws, therefore we had to cancel this and all future carwashes.

Jennie Loft, acting communications manager for San Jose's Environmental Services Department, said in the story, "Anything that is not storm water or rain water is considered a pollutant. …If it goes into a storm drain, that pollutant will harm wildlife and habitats in the creeks. Water goes directly from the storm drains into our creeks."

Loft said the city had received two complaints about the upcoming carwash. "As part of our protocol when we received these complaints, our staff reached out to staff at Lincoln High School and San Jose Unified last month to provide information about preventing pollutants into storm drains."

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