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California high-end detailing business focused on family and the environment

NAPA, Calif. — Fahad Ahmad, the owner of Robust Auto Detailing, put his degree in mechanical engineering on hold to help his family, and ended up opening a detailing business along the way, according to the    


NAPA, Calif. — When his father passed away in July 2013, Fahad Ahmad moved abroad to take care of his mother, and put his degree in mechanical engineering on hold, according to the

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When he moved back to Napa with his mother six months later, he was faced with tough economic times, so he got creative. “The job market here has not been friendly these last few years,” he said. “So I thought, why not take a step that might be a bit risky, but could pay off big in the long run? That’s when I decided to start my own business.”

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The name Robust Auto Detailing was selected to showcase his passion for detailing. The long-time amateur detailer decided to focus his business on upscale detailing. “High-end detailing is more intricate. We have to perform a multistep treatment, which occasionally involves correcting the paint,” he said. “It costs more, but obviously you get what you pay for.”


Ahmad has also focused on his detailing business being environmentally friendly. His detailing process uses between 1 and 2 gallons of water. He said a unique aspect of his business is that it only uses distilled water. “Why? Because it is free of compressed gas and any sort of mineral contaminant that could be sealed on the car Water ratings in California vary from hard to very hard, so it’s an important detail,” he said.

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Robust only details one car a day in the interest of being customer focused. “Your car is the priority,” Ahmad said. “Customers who have gone through high-end detailing know what it’s all about  …  Our hours are flexible; the goal is to get your car to look how it’s supposed to look.”


Social media has helped Ahmad get the word out about his business, and he uses his Facebook page as a way to offer tips to do-it-yourself detailers.

Ahmad is committed to doing the best job he can with each vehicle; Q-tips and tweezers are part of his arsenal to ensure the job gets done right. “I use my tools like an artist would use a paintbrush. Some people say it’s an obsessive-compulsive disorder thing … but that’s detailing.”

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