BENGALURU, India — The Car Laundry opened its first car care, washing and detailing store in Bengaluru on Jan. 20, according to a press release.

The Car Laundry is a chain of car care and detailing service outlets throughout India, stated the release.

The franchise also has locations in Bhopal, Bilaspur, Mysore, Sagar, Raipur and Ujjain, reported the release, and will soon launch more locations in other cities throughout India.

Established in 2012, continued the article, The Car Laundry started “as an innovative concept in professional car cleaning and detailing services and products with a motto to ‘Revolutionize Your Car Washing Experience’ with a bouquet of various affordable services under the belt.”

Within three years, informed the release, the business has expanded to include 10 franchise locations throughout the country.

The Car Laundry is also a manufacturer of car care and cleaning products, noted the release, which are sold by 18 distributors throughout several states in India.

You can find the release here.