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Car care franchisor reports healthy third quarter sales

TROY, Mich. — The company believes an increase in new car sales contributed to its rise in growth.

TROY, Mich. — Ziebart International Corp. saw an 11 percent increase in total sales during its third quarter, exceeding internal company forecasts, according to a press release.

The company provides automotive detailing, films and protection services, shared the release worldwide.

Total domestic franchise stores sales were up 11 percent overall, with retail at 14 percent and vehicle protection category up 30 percent over the third quarter in 2013, said the release. New vehicle sales were also up five percent in the same quarter over 2013.

The company also said its Associate Dealer Channel of Trade sales (partnering with car dealerships) rose 21 percent in detailing services and 18 percent in film sales, noted the release. Its corporate detailing category sales rose 12 percent.

“While our overall sales often mirror U.S. car sales increases, these results indicate that the aftermarket vehicle protection services business is outpacing vehicle sales for a myriad of reasons with the bottom line that people want to protect their investment and are spending more on maintenance,” stated Daniel Baker, president of Ziebart, in the release.

The corporation’s gross sales for all stores in 2013 was $140 million, reported the release.

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