CINCINNATI — Auto Magic® announced the launch of four new products formulated specially to be VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant in all 50 states of the U.S., according to a press release.

Auto Magic has supplied professional car care, cleaning and detailing products for over 55 years, stated the release.

The new products, reported the release, include: the BOC Citrus Cleaner — an all-purpose cleaner for interior and exterior use that leaves a clean, citrus fragrance; the VOC Magic Dressing® — a solvent-based premium dressing that provides a long-lasting, rich and glossy finish; the Tar Magic™ — a cleaner with the capability of removing tar, grease and insects; and the Wheel Magic™ — a super-premium wheel cleaner that removes road film and break dust from wheels with “factory-sealed metal tire rims in seconds.”

“Our customers demand products that perform, while at the same time [meet] regulatory requirements,” said Beth Skove, director of global marketing, in the release. “As some states and municipalities adopt VOC guidelines for products used in automotive detail shops it can be confusing what is required. With the tag line ‘Breathe Easy in 50 States™,’ our customers can be confident that these new products meet the VOC requirements in all 50 states while at the same time having the performance that they expect from Auto Magic.”

You can find the release here.