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Car stolen in front of owner’s eyes at carwash

SAN ANTONIO — A man watches as a thief hops into his car and drives off.


SAN ANTONIO — According to an article on,Roger Flores was waiting to reclaim his car at The Wash Tub when a thief jumped in and drove off, leaving Flores watching helplessly.

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“Our car was up in front here. The next thing I notice, it’s leaving without us in it,” said Flores.

He suspects an employee was tricked into handing the car over to the wrong person, the article noted.

“They give you the ticket and they say, ‘Hey, when you get your vehicle make sure you present this,’” Flores said.

Security footage shows the moment the car drove off with the door still wide open, the article added, but it’s too far away to determine how the perpetrator managed the feat.

“It is not clear at all whether the thief grabbed the keys or not,” said Wash Tub Area Director Gary Reaves.

The Wash Tub is working with the police to catch the perpetrator, but in the meantime, the carwash has provided Flores and his family with a rental car and is managing their insurance claim, the article stated.


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