BELMONT, Mass. — “Washing your car is like taking a shower or brushing your teeth — it makes you feel better about yourself and also maintains the finish of your vehicle,” said Otto Torres, the on-site manager for Belmont Car Wash, according to The Boston Globe.

The wash is very busy, notes the article, and cleaned 10,000 cars in May along with detailing many others.

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Belmont is always looking to improve its experience, and at a recent car detailing workshop sponsored by the New England Car Wash Association, Torres was taught about how to remove light scratches by using a swirl remover.

The wash has a successful unlimited program, and Torres frequently converses with these customers, including one author who recently gave him a copy of his book.

Working at a carwash, Torres always makes sure to keep his vehicle looking nice. “I don’t want to tell people I work at a carwash and then have a dirty car, because then they don’t believe me.”  

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