JOPLIN, Mo. — Police officers are concerned about safety at the In and Out carwash, but workers said they’re being too cautious, according to station KOAM.

The concern that officers have is that as the line at the wash grows, it extends into the street. When this happens, officers tell potential customers that they must leave the line.

“All the vehicles off the roadway are the carwash’s business,” said Sgt. Rusty Rives, of the Joplin Police Department. “The vehicles on the roadway become our business when you start looking at the traffic safety side, and keeping the motorists safe.”

Wash works say that In and Out serves around 1000 cars a day during the winter, but that number can drop as much as 50 percent when the cops have customers leave the wash.

The assistant manager at the wash said he’s considered buying adjoining property to lessen the traffic buildup.

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