FRANKLIN, TN — A carwash is going to be demolished so that the land can be used to honor the Battle of Franklin, The Tennessean reported.

The Nov. 15 article stated that the first casualties of the battle were killed where the carwash is located and it's where Union soldiers were met by the Confederate Army of Tennessee on Nov. 30, 1864.

The carwash site is owned by Rod Heller who bought the property for $275,000 on Nov. 6. “It’s an important piece of land,” Heller said in the story. “I was just surprised that no one was stepping up to acquire it. It seemed to me to be very important from many perspectives to protect it.”

Two pizza restaurants and a strip shopping center have also been acquired and will be used to honor the Battle of Franklin.

Heller did not reveal the cost of the carwash. Former owner Daniel Woods apparently wanted to develop the carwash and had it rezoned so that it could run once again; but those plans fell through.

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