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Carwash camera catches man breaking into vending machine

CARNEGIE, OK — Jackie Ray Holman, 27, was caught on camera breaking into a vending machine at a carwash according to an article in the Lawton Constitution


CARNEGIE, OK — A Carnegie carwash camera captured footage of Jackie Ray Holman, 27, breaking into a vending machine.

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He allegedly used a crowbar to open a change dispenser in the vending machine on Dec. 29. The affidavit states that the man then saw the video camera and attempted to remove it from the wall.

Carnegie Police Sgt. William Miller was called to Peters 4-Way Carwash, and viewed the footage of the burglary.  

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Police received a tip about the crime, and on Jan. 2 Holman was taken into custody. When questioned, Holman admitted it was him on the video, but that he did not remember committing the crime.


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