CHARLOTTESVILLE, GA — The city of Charlottesville and the Albemarle County Service Authority (ACSA) have developed a carwash certification program to help encourage water conservation, a story reported.

The Nov. 13 story said certificates are awarded to carwashes which:

  • Use only a certain amount of water per wash;
  • Repair leaks right away; and
  • Install low-flow toilets.

"Residents have often asked about the most water efficient way to clean their car. Certified carwashes will have their per car water use directly measured and the results posted online," City Water Conservation Coordinator Kaitlin Finan stated in the story.

According to Tim Brown, the environmental compliance specialist for the ACSA, businesses have been "eager" for them to develop the program. "The water customers in this area care about conservation," Brown stated in the story.

A website will also list the carwashes which have earned the certification.

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